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Acrylic on canvas

"Winter Harvest - Golden Eagle"

36 x 30 inches

The Golden Eagle is another raptor I am glad to have met since moving west. A commanding, powerful bird, the Golden can catch prey as large as young deer or similar hoofed mammals. It is almost like something from another time, imagining a creature with the enormous wingspan of a Golden Eagle descending on a large mammal and then carrying it off. Fascinating, and maybe just a little creepy. Although I havenít had a lot of firsthand experience yet with Golden Eagles in the wild, I have read a lot in anticipation of those times. One thing which caught my attention while reading was a description of how these eagles will sometimes hang around open water when wintering in Colorado, and pick off Mallard ducks as they appear on the scene. Thatís when I knew that my Golden Eagle would soon be having duck.

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