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Acrylic on canvas

"A New Beginning"

24 x 20 inches

Raptors depend on all their incredible faculties to live the life they were built for. If something goes wrong, either in the form of a disease or an accident of some sort, these birds can easily perish if they are out of commission even for a short time. Here in Fort Collins there is a group that cares for these birds in need. The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, through the work of a dedicated staff and army of volunteers, performs amazing acts of healing on raptors of all varieties. They’ve been working at this for more than 20 years, and depend on the support of people like us for research and to provide critical medical services.

I wasn’t familiar with Swainson’s Hawks until recently. My first encounter was here in Fort Collins with the Raptor Program. This painting features one of their educational ambassadors, and is named in honor of the great work done by everyone at the RMRP.

Click here to learn about the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

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