~ "The Narrow Escape" Bobcat painting project ~

 'Narrow Escape' by  Larry Tucci.

Recently I went to my old sketchbooks looking for compositional drawings that got left behind, never becoming the pictures I dreamed they could be. The little sketch below was made nearly 15 years ago to the day, and has been waiting to come alive as a painting.

I have prepared a board (22 x 28 inches), chosen a frame and penciled in an approximate version of the original sketch. My board is a masonite panel prepared with gesso for a nicely textured surface. The board was tinted using Burnt Sienna in a thin, watery wash, as I do with most painting surfaces to kill the bright white. At this stage it is fully ready to paint on.

Once this piece is home from the current exhibit, on November 12th, I will begin to post updates showing the painting in progress, explaining what will be needed to bring it to life.

 'Narrow Escape' by  Larry Tucci.

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