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Things to Consider in a Portrait

To begin, think about what size is a good fit for you. Do you want to fill a particular space on the wall? Would you like the art to fit into a desktop frame? See the "Sizes" page for more about size considerations.

Next is the choice of medium. Choose between a beautiful, custom-crafted graphite pencil portrait or a full-color painted portrait. See the "Mediums" page for more information about the choices.

Cost Considerations
Portraits created in graphite pencil are the lowest-priced, and full-color painted portraits are a more costly option. Size is the other factor which determines price. See the "Price" page for complete pricing information.

Time Frame
Are there time considerations which will need to be taken into account, such as when giving a portrait as a wedding gift, or for a graduation, birthday or holiday? It is important to note your timing requirements upfront for planning reasons, although there is almost never an extra charge for finishing in record time. We're quite accustomed to honoring requests for special deadlines.

Reference Materials
Another important consideration is the kind of reference materials available for the artist to work with. Do you have good pictures on hand? "Good" meaning sharp focus, handsome positioning of the subject, etc. Color is not as important, but it is helpful if at least one shot represents the color well. If the subject is still with us we can get additional photos if necessary, and we'll even help with that if you wish. If the subject is no longer available to photograph then we'll just work with what you have, which can still result in a beautiful portrait.

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