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The cost of making a portrait is determined by two things, the size and the medium that it is created in.

The lowest priced portraits are small graphite pencil drawings with simple background elements. And the most expensive are large, full-color painted portraits with full background scenes.

The price range is wide based on the variables. A petite pencil portrait with simple background elements can be as little as $95 dollars. And a large, full-color portrait with a complete background scene can go for many thousands of dollars. Portraits in graphite pencil are always more affordable than painted portraits simply because of the significant difference in the amount of work between the two. Pencil portraits are certainly no less beautiful though, and in fact are preferred by some for the unique qualities of textural appearance, range of values and illusion of form.

Price quotations are provided free of charge. Just email a photo to give an idea what your best friend looks like. Please include in your email the medium and size you are considering so the quote will be accurate. We'll gladly offer ideas and make suggestions too if you are looking for this kind of help. And once a project is quoted the original price will be honored for 30 days, as long as no details of the request change in that time. If you decide to change your original choices (size, medium, etc.), after receiving a quote it will also be updated free of charge.

If you don't have photos that are clear enough to use as reference it is possible for us to come and take pictures for you, if the subject is available and the project cost is $175 dollars or more. We ask only that a deposit of $25 dollars be made when we come to take photos, and it will be credited fully toward the final cost. The offer of free photography is subject to a geographical limit of 20 miles*, so keep in mind our location in Fort Collins when making this request.

*If you would like to commission a life-sized portrait of your stable of pedigree race horses we'll hop on a plane and go wherever we're needed. As with all rules there are exceptions. Please let us know what you have in mind.

If you want a portrait featuring your best friend, click for a free quote:

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